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Providing strategic CTO on demand services to
make your startup journey easier.

We help non-technical founders get started on their product.

With a clear transition plan to help you to become self-sufficient
our CTO per hour service is transitional.
We are not operating to keep our services necessary


Hiring a CTO, an impossible task!

Many startups lack the technological know-how to select the right development company to build their apps, as much as they lack the knowledge to translate their needs into project scope.

Hiring the perfect CTO to fill those gaps is critical. A bad CTO is a loss that cannot be recovered by a mere replacement.

The platform on which your project is built would probably need to be replaced ... it could cost X times as much as any other key role replacement in your organisation. At worst, if faith is lost that the project can be built, and successful at all, it can even cost the whole project.

The potential CTO candidate will also be required to

  • Like you and your team. Working with new people is often highly stressful even for top management.
  • Like your project. CTOs are very well aware of the whole industry and pragmatic when it comes to applying their skills, time and energy resources. They are harder to impress compared to other C-levels.
  • Accept the compensation proposal that usually consists of a smaller salary and more bonus (shares, options).

As a non technical founder, you are looking for a Senior technical Guru that you can not afford, having key skill sets that you can not assess in a competitive market where those profile are scarce ... This is an impossible task

CTO on demand

An interim CTO role is quickly becoming a popular option for helping accelerate early stage and growing startups, bringing technical vision but also

  • Designing scalable infrastructures
  • Streamlining development and implement deployment strategies
  • Finding the right people and bringing team leadership
  • The power of highly connected network of individual

The CTO-as-a-Service model proves to be a good match for a rapidly increasing number of clients, varying from early-stage start-ups to well-funded scale-ups and established Solution Providers.

This is a temporary solution that will help you to find the right fit for your organisation, and in the same time helping you on the daily tasks required from a Chief Technology Officer

Beside working with a senior seasoned CTO consultant that understand your core business, you are going to benefit a ready to be used professional network that cover most of the area where you will need help, development, design agency but also legal marketing or innovation consultant, as well as an wide investor network.

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Scalable infrastructure

  • Architecture audit and refactoring
  • Scalability analysis and vision
  • Cost cutting strategy
  • Security audit
  • Monitoring strategy

Development streamlining

  • Strategic product review
  • User journey/UX and UI review
  • Agile Release workflow strategy
  • Technical debt reduction strategy
  • Project and team management


  • Team leadership - Making the change happen & accepted
  • Outsourcing company management
  • Recruitment and technical interview
  • Translating business need into technical requirement


  • Technical Pitch-deck and white paper reviewing
  • Participating and speaking at startup event
  • Leading Investor meeting and pitching
  • Finding the right Investor

Working with Raphael is a win. He was able to solve a conflictual situation with our outsourcing development agency and enable us to focus on our core business. Highly recommended!

Charles Augis - Aeho Solution - Vietnam


Per hours

No package

From $250  per hour
  • Ponctual intervention
  • Tech event speaker
  • Pitch deck review
  • Other services

3 months retainer

Medium term package

From $200  per hour 20 hours minimum per month
  • Hours not used are reported to the next month
  • Young startup in beta release
  • Tech event speech
  • Any other services ...

6 months retainer

Long term package

From $170  per hour 35 hours minimum per month
  • Hours not used are reported to the next month
  • Middle sized organisation
  • Long term CTO recruitment
  • Any other services ...

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